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About the Dances

Ballroom Dancing is enjoying a great resurgence. Popular TV shows such as Dancing With The Stars and So You think you can Dance have made it ‘cool to dance’ again!

Today’s ballroom dancing incorporates many styles, from Salsa to Hustle! Ballroom dancing is one of the most widely used social activities in the world. Whether you want to get moving for fun or health benefits, Ballroom dancing is infectious and addicting! So pick up your dancing shoes and start dancing today! GDA affiliated schools teach and promote all of the popular ballroom dances…………

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SALSA, MAMBO, BATCHADA & MERENGUE : The most popular Latin dances today – from South Beach to Sacramento, Toronto to Tokyo everyone is learning Latin dancing. Just listen to the music, move your hips and dance, dance, dance.

WALTZ :  Founded in Vienna in the 1800's; Elegant, beautiful rotation, and flowing movements are the key. The Viennese Waltz is the relative of the slow waltz. Be prepared to get dizzy doing this one!

FOXTROT : Popularized by 1930’s movie star Fred Astaire, the Foxtrot originates from American "Ragtime" – this dance has class and sophistication. If that’s your style it’s going to fit!

TANGO : From “El Corazon” (the heart) of Argentina, it’s all about the passion and tension between two people. It takes two to Tango!

QUCKSTEP : Get lively! You are going to go round that dance floor with gusto – big band music gets moving in this mega aerobic dance!

CHA CHA : A fun Latin dance full of swinging hips and exciting moves. This is one of the original 50’s party dances. Think “Mad Men” getting down!

RUMBA: All sensuality and style, love and emotion, And More! The Bolero is a slower and even more steamy version of the same thing.

SWING : The hippest of all the Social dances. Swing is lively and fun, exhilarating to do and watch. Still going strong since its birth back in the 1920’s prohibition Lindy Hop days!

SAMBA : A street party on speed! Samba IS the original street dance from Rio, if this percussive Latin dance doesn’t get people going – nothing can!

HUSTLE : Saturday Night Fever anyone? Hustle is the popular 70's Disco craze but with a partner! It’s all about groove and style.

Dancing with Benefits:
Sure you’re going to look better, feel better and gain confidence but what else?

Better Health: Exercise and physical activity will help you lose weight, enhance flexibility and improve stamina. Ballroom Dancing is just a better, more fun way to do it! Rather than going to the gym, why not learn how to dance?

Meet new People: Social dancing is an easy gateway for meeting new people, entertaining others or reconnecting with your partner.

Therapeutic: Dancing clears the mind, removes the stress, and builds self-esteem. It’s going to strengthen the mind, body, and soul!  

Confidence: Dance is a way of expressing yourself which leads to a better you. Having the ability dance with others and in front of others will not only build your confidence but make you feel and look better as well.

AND it lasts forever – like learning to swim – learning to dance is a lifelong skill!