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From the moment you take your first step at a GLOBAL DANCE ALLIANCE Member Studio - you will appreciate the difference.

Learn about different styles of Ballroom Dances

Ballroom Dancing has many styles. No matter what you want to learn, our Member Dance Studios offer private lessons as well as group classes. And the first 30 minutes are free!

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GDA organizes events for member studios and activities for dancers; for beginners, hobby dancers or a professionals.


From the moment you take your first step at a GLOBAL DANCE ALLIANCE member studio - you will appreciate the difference.

All of the GDA member dance studios are in the best locations, beautifully appointed with wood floors and state of the art sound & lighting, and have professional, friendly, courteous, qualified instructors. And when you take lessons with our dancing family of studios - You become welcome at any GDA studio worldwide.

GDA member studios teach all of the popular Social Dances. Some countries also offer specialty regional dances such as 'Sokie' in South Africa. Member studios specialize in ‘one-to-one' personal training, a proven method of instruction providing the best possible experience.

We offer the Best Quality Tuition in the World!
Qualified instructors use an approved worldwide curriculum, covering all of the popular social dances.

We guarantee that whatever your dancing needs, a GDA member studio can fulfill them!


About the GDA

GLOBAL DANCE ALLIANCE is a group of Dance Business executives who have joined to help studios develop revenue opportunities in the lifestyle market place.
It has become increasingly difficult for small independent business owners to compete against large multi-national companies. The economics of running a small business simply outweigh the advantages. This is as true in the lifestyle and leisure industry as anywhere else.
The affiliation of dance studios is the base for GDA's activities and we have an ambitious growth plan to affiliate a large number of dance businesses quickly; this will allow us to use our volume and benefit members in the key business areas of market research, advertising, purchasing, employment, training, IT services and generation of increased cash flows.

We are a Membership organization – Not a Franchise!
We know that you have worked hard to develop and brand your studio as your own - Don't worry you can take and use any, all or none of our systems when you join.

Our Mission is to provide a platform for growth in the dance business by creating the Global Alliance required to compete in tomorrows' world.

Our core Beliefs are:
Service - quality and integrity are our cornerstones; clear, prompt communication
Honesty - we are truthful to ourselves and our customers
Respect - we communicate through mutual understanding of each other's positions

We have an extensive knowledge base of successful dance business operations and the services that support them. Because our success as a business is tied to yours, our team includes some of the most successful dance business people.
For new member studios - Our initial role is as a training company; an intensive 6 month period of ‘business coaching' and (if required) dance training is followed by ongoing support and services. Click here to learn more about our services and support

Studio Owners - Contact us here:
If you would like information on joining the GDA, contact Andrew at: or +1 941 - 758 - 9129