free 30 minute lesson

Frequently Asked Questions about Ballroom Dancing

How do I get started?

Your first lesson is free! GDA dance studios offer a complimentary 30 minute dance lesson for you to come in and “try them out”. You'll get to experience a 1 on 1 private lesson with one of the instructors in the dance(s) of your choice. All they need is your preferred date and time to book you!

Why should I dance at a dance studio?

GDA dance studios have been providing world class dance instruction for many years. They teach every level of dancer from "I can't dance" to competitive coaching. Their staff is made up of competent and certified instructors, as well as internationally renown dancers with numerous titles.

What should I wear?

We recommend that you wear something you're comfortable in. Your shoes should allow you to slide, so track shoes, any court sport shoe, and rubber sole shoes are not recommended.

Do I need a partner?

You do not need to bring a partner. The staff is made up of both male and female instructors, so they will be able to partner you up accordingly for Private Lessons. As the group classes progress, tey will rotate through partners, and you will have the opportunity to dance with one or more people.

Amount of Lessons required and Frequency of Lessons?

This answer varies for every individual depending on your overall goal, time frame, experience, instruct-ability, comprehension, retention, and practice time.

What is a Private Lesson?

In a private lesson, you will have the undivided attention and time of one of the instructors to work on the dance(s) of your choice. The lesson will go at your own pace and will be catered to your skill level and individual goals.

What is a Group Class?

In a group class, you will get to meet fellow students and be instructed alongside with them by an individual instructor. The group class will focus on a predetermined dance style, set of steps/patterns, and will flow at a general pace to cover all the material that is meant to be covered for the class.

Should I take Private Lessons or Group Classes?

Private lessons and group classes a perfect partnership. The structure and customizability of private lessons will get you to where you want to be as a dancer quicker. However, the variety of group classes allow you to experience new and different dances, steps, and figures that you may not have gone over with your instructor. Take what you learn in a group class and polish it with your instructor, or experience a new side of the same dance in a group class.